You can’t afford to miss this!

When it comes to immersing yourself in Japan’s culture of cuteness, a trip to a maid café will give you the full experience!!!

In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes act as servants-cum-entertainers and treat customers as their masters.

Waitresses in maid cafés are often chosen based on their appearance; most are young, attractive and innocent-looking women. A maid café is also not as sexy as their short, frilly skirts might suggest. At most maid cafés, the service and the atmosphere are all about kawaii (cuteness) and moe (a concept that’s kind of like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see kittens, puppies, or other baby animals)—and it will be all in your face!

Maids at the café will all be very cheerful and will all act very cutesy. The food and drinks served will also be made cutely.
Moreover, the maids dance and sing to customers, hold special events for them. There are also maid cafés which provide services that are bizarre enough to startle the customers.

An extra tip:

  • maid cafés are pretty special, they have a couple of rules in place to make sure the best atmosphere is maintained.
  • Enjoying the maid café experience to the fullest requires participation. So in case you can’t speak Japanese, it’s very important to go to a café where there is English-speaking staff. Otherwise, it’s best enjoyed with a friend who can speak Japanese and can explain to you the quirky things happening at the café.